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Seiko takes a lickin' and keeps on tickin' in two new spots from DDB Needham/New York, directed by Paul Weiland of Paul Weiland Films, London.

Robert Prins/Art Director

Ketchum/Los Angeles

When the idea behind a commercial has you contemplating your own existence, I'd say that's a concept. Hey, a second earlier or later and you'd still be a twinkle in Pop's eye. This guy Dan in the spot misses his destiny by a second. It's nicely directed, casting was good and the music seems fresh. A cool start for a campaign that can only get better. But whoa, what happened with the second spot? The rooster was a dog.

Michael Barti/Senior VP-ACD

Mandelbaum Mooney Ashley/S.F.

What these spots lack, ironically, is great timing. The punchline in the "Dan Brooks" spot, for instance, is too quickly cut off by the product shot, so it leaves you with a Mona Lisa smile instead of the Donny Osmond grin it deserves. Inspired concepts, uninspired execution.

Overall these commercials are light years ahead of anything Seiko has ever run, but I get the feeling the storyboards are better than the finished spots.

Brett Borders/Copywriter

Carmichael Lynch, Minneapolis

"Rooster" is nicely shot and wonderfully clean. I'd like to buy the client a frosty mug of Tab to congratulate them for not demanding copy; it doesn't need any. I wish the music were a little less cartoonish though, it's too expected. I want to like the "Dan Brooks" spot, but when I got the payoff I just whacked my old cranium in disappointment.

Paul Wolfe/Copywriter

Mesner Vetere Berger McNamee Schmetterer, New York

OK, I'll be nice. They're cute.

OK, I won't be nice. The glib sarcasm and fervent lack of substance are right up to the moment. What's important, however is this: The job is to resuscitate a dusty old brand of rather expensive watches. Do we really think these can do

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