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"The AP7 results mirror the economic buoyancy of the region. The phenomenal growth in middle management, annual household income, the use of more than two credit cards, all reiterate the economic confidence."

-Peter Kennedy, publisher, Asia, Inc.

"As far as advertising is concerned, the Asian Profiles surveys are a useful yardstick of a lowest common denominator but not of a highest common factor, [or luxury], product..."

-Vijay Verghese, publisher and editor, Business Traveller

"This is a reminder that AP7 is best understood as a broad measure of the general population, not of Asia's affluent and influential readers."

-Gordon Crovitz, editor and publisher, Far Eastern Economic Review

"The AP survey... is a good base for qualifying media in the Far East. Without it, media planners would really be in trouble."

-Robert Adam, managing director, Reader's Digest Assn. Far East

"One of the concerns about AP7 has been that top management seemed to drop by quite a significant number in Hong Kong and Jakarta. The results reinforce that AP has become a good, sound survey for reaching middle management."

-William Adamopoulos, managing director, Asian Wall Street Journal

"With [an] expansion of the middle class comes a fragmentation of media habits. This makes it more difficult to provide a clear snapshot of the Asian elite...."

-Jack Maisano, publisher, Asian Business

"We cannot do without [Asian Profiles]. Having said that, it is certainly not the be all and end all of surveys. It covers only the upper threshold."

-Robin Johnson, president, Time Inc. Asia

"AP7 clearly reflects the growth in numbers among the middle and upper classes who have big spending powers on a wide range of consumer products and services across Asia."

-Peggy Lam, publishing director, Asiaweek

"All research has its strengths and weaknesses. In total [AP7] seems to reflect accurately the marketplace."

-Gerd Hinske, VP-publisher, Business Week International

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