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Do you begin to suspect maybe Judge Ito isn't ready quite yet for the Supreme Court?

The great Stan Dragoti has been back in New York working on a commercial project with Charlie Moss at Wells Rich Greene BDDP.

New York's wonderful School of the Visual Arts named "Sam" Modenstein its new director of placement. She's been a VP at Foote, Cone & Belding and produced commercials for some blue ribbon clients including Campbell Soup, HBO, Nabisco, Lipton, Pizza Hut and Sunkist.

Alison Pulley of Sprint Telemedia at 380 Madison Ave. is pitching ad agencies customized pre-paid calling cards and other promotional ideas for them to propose to clients. Says Alison, "Everyone is talking interactive ... but does anyone really know whom to call or even what it is?"

First there came "The Leadership Secrets of Attila the Hun." Now Dr. Keshavan Nair, the management consultant, publishes "A Higher Standard of Leadership, Lessons from the Life of Gandhi." Berrett-Koehler of San Francisco put out the book.

Charles Grodin in for Tom Snyder at CNBC?

As you know, Atlanta is hosting the '96 Olympics. Now Camille McDuffie tells me there'll also be a Cultural Olympiad down there in '95, from April 23 to 25 when nine Nobel Laureates in literature will convene. There are 16 of these marvels still around and the nine already confirmed include the most recent, Kenzaburo Oe of Japan, Toni Morrison of the U.S., who won in '93, and Joseph Brodsky, a Russian-American who was honored in 1987.

Score one for good newspapering over the info superhighway: Jim Willse takes over as editor of The (Newark) Star-Ledger after a stint as director of new media for Advance Publications, the Newhouse outfit that owns the Star-Ledger. Jim, former New York Daily News editor, is one of the trade's best.

Since Burt Reynolds keeps wigging out and storming off talk shows (the most recent in San Francisco), why do they keep booking Burt? So he will storm off, natch.

How quickly they forget: The New York Times reported that former Notre Dame football coach, and now coach of losing Akron University, "Gary" Faust, would be fired. The unfortunate coach's first name is Gerry.

Newsweek hired a Wall Street Journal reporter, Johnnie L. Roberts, as a senior writer in the business news department.

Randy Jones reports his Worth magazine closed the year (its third) up 22% in ad pages over the year before. They ran 681 pages and circulation now tops half a million.

Also up, says Jeff Ward, are Cooking Light ad pages, at 583 for the year, 10% ahead of last year's total.

Thomas J. Goff joined Arco Corp. in Los Angeles as director of media relations, moving over from Lockheed. Tom's been a senior editor at New York and other leading mags.

Paging Larson E. Whipsnade: For a bargain $33.95, Centennial Sports of Eden Prairie, Minn., will send you what they assert is an "official 1994 World Series baseball."

Self named a new sales development manager, Nancy Weinstein Picker.

Couldn't agree more with Ray McNulty of the New York Post re Gabriella Sabatini, "perhaps the nicest person in all of sports." I interviewed her once for Parade the morning after an unexpected U.S. Open defeat and she charmed me out of my sneakers.

In Pittsburgh Billy Townsend is VP-marketing services for Ketchum Advertising. Like the Steelers, a winner.

First annual Martha Stewart Living salesperson of the year? Cynthia Crane.

Tod Lippy, its editor, says the first-ever issue of Scenario, a new quarterly about screenwriters and their work, debuts the first of the year. They're at 104 Fifth Ave. in Manhattan.

US magazine named Eric Messinger a senior editor, coming over form The New York Times.

Money magazine hired a new sales rep for the Boston market, Joelle Hatssen.

Whatever happened to the Ivy League? Jeff Simmons, education reporter for the New York Post, reports Columbia University now has an officially sanctioned S&M Club.

Love that Mike Lupica (Newsday) line on just when Michael Huffington might get around to conceding in the California Senate race: "He'll concede when his dippy wife tells him to concede."

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