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Contest #447: "Forget Hamlet! I wanna be The Mummy!" It used to be that Shakespeare was the standard by which all good acting was judged. These days, such locker room measurements are based on a more monstrous scale. Tom Cruise and Gary Oldman doing vampires; Jack Nicholson doing a werewolf; and now Robert DeNiro doing Frankenstein. Who's next? Sly Stallone as The Thing? T.N.T.ers: come up with the next movie star to portray a monster.

And now for the results of Contest #443: we asked you for the next stupid Mentos commercial and you tossed us:

First Prize: Four guys are at a concert. One of them has to go to the bathroom. Upon arrival, he sees a long line of people ahead of him. But then he rips open a pack of Mentos and tosses the candy over to the side. The people in line lunge for the candies and our hero strolls in. The crowd looks up and realizes how they've been duped, but then eat their candy and smile at our hero, who gives them a thumbs up! Ty Hutchinson, copywriter, Walls/SRH, Los Angeles.

Second Prize: Four guys travel down the freeway, jammed up because of construction. But then they rip open the Mentos. Suddenly, the car whizzes out of the lane, bursts through a stack of orange barrels, and makes a "Dukes of Hazard" leap over broken pavement and Caterpillar equipment. While in mid-air, the driver waves his pack of Mentos out of the window, while the construction workers down below laugh at his thrilling audacity. Kathryn Lotz, copywriter, Sheehy & Associates, Louisville, Ky.

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