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MARKETER: E. McIlhenny Sons Corp.


CRITIQUE: The makers of Tabasco sauce had a winning TV commercial. Now they've put it on the Web. So what?

So the new angle is, this isn't exactly repurposed content but rather a celebration of a good ad that existed in another medium. Using the V-banner technology from InterVU ( McIlhenny is able to bring the popular exploding mosquito ad to the Web within a banner.

The commercial did what it needed to do in its medium. The combustion of the hated insect showed that Tabasco sauce isn't just hot, but can be a guilty pleasure as well. With its airing during the 1997 and 1998 Super Bowls, it reached a large audience that reacted well to the ad.

Now McIlhenny has given the ad new life on the Internet by giving it a history. Instead of clicking on the banner and going to a page about Tabasco sauce, visitors are taken to a page about the commercial itself. The page showcases the ad while offering extra content you can't get offline (such as spreading the rumor that the actor in the spot ate 16 pizzas during the shoot).

Tabasco gets more bang for its ad buck (and a cheaper placement for sure) by using this ad again. And let's not overlook the obvious: If you want to capture some eyes that haven't seen the bug blow up during the most watched TV show of the year, the Internet's a good place to find them.

WHO CREATED IT: DDB Needham Worldwide, Dallas, and Bent Media, New Orleans.

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