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Motorola Strip Tease
Marketer: Motorola
Brand: Moto E815 Phone
Title: "Strip Tease"
Agency: Ogilvy & Mather, New York

Touting the joys of video phones for consenting adults is this new spot from Motorola for its E815 phone with broadband video capabilities. Surprising your husband at the office with a striptease call has never been so easy. It may even inadvertently surprise his co-workers as well.

Advermusic Queen
Marketer: Hershey Foods Corp.
Brand: Hershey's Kit Kat Bar
Title: "Carrie Kit Kat"
Agency: DDB, New York

Fresh from her win of the latest round of 'American Idol,' Carrie Underwood has wasted no time in turning quick fame into hard cash with a fat Hershey's advertising contract. Sweet. Watch the new advermusic queen hawk KitKat candy bars.

Turning Sweat Into Gold
Marketer: Under Armour Performance Apparel
Brand: Under Armour Performance Apparel
Title: "Protect This House"
Agency: In-house

Under Armour is a Baltimore company that sells athletic clothing made from a special moisture-wicking, heat-dispersing microfiber; its primary product is a fundamentally boring textile technology for managing sweat. But with ultra-slick, high-adrenaline TV ads like this one about the ficticious Under Armour football team, the 9-year-old firm has catapulted itself to more than $250 million in annual sales.

I Like the Way You Move
Marketer: Coca-Cola
Brand: Diet Coke
Title: "Loft"
Agency: Foote Cone & Belding

The dancer in red socks, the multimillion-dollar loft apartment and luminous views of the Midtown Manhattan skyline are all just window dressing here. This spot's real purpose is to associate the brand with one of the hottest, highest-energy music tracks to come out of the U.K. in recent years: 'I Like the Way You Move' by the Bodyrockers.

Killer Beer Can
Marketer: SAB Miller
Brand: Milwaukee's Best Light Beer
Title: "Check In"
Agency: Mother, New York

Another of those products owned by a global giant but masquerading as small, homey brand, Milwaukee's Best Light beer aims its commercials at the bottom rung of macho male America. In each of the new round of spots, a man who fails to live up the strict standards of this brew-swilling brotherhood meets his end beneath a giant can of beer.

Bean Stalks and Anteaters
Marketer: Dymo
Brand: Dymo LetraTag
Title: "Bean Stalk"
Agency: North Castle Partners, Stamford, Conn.

This ad has found a surprisingly clever and memorable way to not only demonstrate the benefits of a really dull product -- a label maker -- but also to do so in a humorously entertaining manner.

Crime-Fighting Mathematician
Marketer: Microsoft
Brand: Windows
Title: McCann Erickson, San Francisco
Agency: Agency Here

In an effort to convince the audience that Windows is a better graphics development environment than Macintosh, Microsoft has launched its largest-ever TV campaign for Windows. All the commercials feature lush animations by Star Dust of Santa Monica, Calif., and New York. In this one, an author of underground comics creates a new superhero -- a crime-fighting mathematician.

New Wal-Mart Ad Strategy
Marketer: Wal-Mart
Brand: Wal-Mart Back to School
Title: "Crayola"
Agency: GSD&M, Austin

Wal-Mart is retooling its advertising in a way that looks suspiciously like Target's. But, hey, all's fair in love and mega-retailing. Remember all those yellow smiley faces that flew all over the store to lower prices? They're gone now, in favor of product-specific spots like this one for Crayola Crayons.

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