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* In the rapidly converging tech world, design counts. Big time. The 77-year-old radio manufacturer's strategy is to win on design. Its sleek Razr pushed Moto into the No. 1 place among three of the top four U.S. wireless service providers.

* Mobile phones are personalized, yet most marketers are stuck in a cold, nomenclature world. Compare the names of the LGC1500, the Samsung X427M and the Nokia 3120 to the Motorola Pebl, a clamshell phone with a spring opener.

* Do-it-yourself marketing. The late Motorola CMO Geoffrey Frost had given up on the notion of agency of record, global networks, pitches or anything else that hints of out sourcing the brand stewardship. One of his last projects was a deal with BBDO Worldwide to coordinate agency needs under a project he dubbed a network with a small "n."

* Hire a celebrity CEO. Well, maybe not a Hollywood celebrity, but a mediagenic leader such as street-smart Ed Zander, who gives the brand's re-emergence credibility.

* Take a risk. The world may be waiting for Steve Jobs to come out with an iPod phone, but Motorola stepped into the breach with the first iTunes phone. Sure, it was poorly reviewed, but now Motorola is upping the ante with a newer, sleeker offering soon to be released.

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