Move to the Groove

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Wieden CD Hal Curtis hasn't created a Nike spot since "Freestyle," but this Olympics :90, titled "Move," is on a par with his original gem. An ode "to movement," it gracefully weaves 21 disparate sports scenes, from simple running to a stomach-dropping parachute dive, into one continuous stream, shot by Jake Scott and backed by the smooth piano score of Jonathan Elias. The spot, says Curtis, was shot in 24fps, not overcranked like most sports footage. "I wanted it to be real," Curtis says. "Overcranking would have killed it." The pacing within each sequence was achieved by shooting with two cameras, allowing Adam Pertofsky of Rock Paper Scissors, who also worked on "Freestyle," to cut between angles. "The whole spot seems like a dance, like one fluid energy throughout," says Pertofsky, who had the unenviable task of editing before the music had been chosen. "It's actually the opposite of 'Freestyle,' because it makes people teary-eyed rather than jazzed."

Client: Nike Agency: Wieden & Kennedy/Portland CDs: Hal Curtis, Carlos Bayala CWs: Mike Byrne, Kash Sree Agency Producer: Vic Palumbo Director: Jake Scott/RSA Editor: Adam Pertofsky/Rock Paper Scissors Composer: Jonathan Elias/Elias Associates Sound Design: Jeff Elmassian/Endless Noise

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