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This summer, they invaded our theaters. Next month, they move into our homes. "They" are those icky aliens from "Independence Day," Twentieth Century Film Corp.'s summer blockbuster.

"They" are also the crafty marketers at Fox who launched "ID4" with one of the great Hollywood marketing pushes. Now they're concocting a $30 million effort to get consumers to buy or rent the video when it hits next month.

Six weeks of TV spots are slated to begin next week, with the initial wave positioning the video as an ideal stocking stuffer.

The film "has proven appeal, repeatability and the highest purchase intent scores we've ever seen," said Bob DeLellis, president of Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment.

Credit for much of the "proven appeal" goes in part to Fox's feature film marketing folks, for turning "ID4" into a true event.

The event began with a memorable Super Bowl spot, followed by a scattering of teasers that turned into a downpour of ads around Memorial Day.

Backing it all up were tie-ins from Coors Brewing Co., Domino's Pizza, licensees and retailers. The hype became part of the entertainment experience itself, said Roland Mesa, senior VP-advertising.

"*`ID4' is one of the few times we get to do regular advertising, like the Fords and the Colgate-Palmolives get to do," said Bob Harper, president domestic marketing at the studio.

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