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MARKETER: Eddie Bauer Inc.


CRITIQUE: Seems it's time for the needle to kick back to the first groove of the Cyber Critique Broken Record.

Banners are great, as we've mentioned, but we're still a little unclear why more marketers aren't jumping on the chance to make their banners more interactive through media -- rich or poor.

Take this Eddie Bauer banner or any of its sisters running at the moment (some plugging certain sales, some certain products). Aiming it at a khaki-wearing audience isn't too big of a step; Wired News functions just fine for that. But using the banner itself to further break that into a finer, gender-based demo brings it ever closer to the final sale.

So simple. Just a nice little pull-down menu and you're taken right to a page that will sell you just the kind of pants you're looking for.

There are more than ample examples of banners that a) generate buzz about the product and the ad itself, b) build brand excitement, c) and oh yeah, sell product: Games, such as the Sun Microsystems' puck-slide; In-banner sales such Godiva Chocolatier's Mother's Day promotion;'s Generator-created ads with live auction data embedded in the banner.

These campaigns have all demonstrated smart, small and mostly unobtrusive executions of new technologies. Each are capable of becoming trend-setting ads. Instead, they sit as the high-water marks of Internet advertising as the waters recede to boring, blinking Click-heres.

Animated GIFs became ubiquitous the day they were invented, right? 1995? So when will the industry take the next step?

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