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Fallon McElligott, Minneapolis

Cease Fire

Creative Director: Bill Westbrook

Art Director: Bob Barrie

Copywriter: Phil Calvit

Photographer: Rick Dublin

Finding the true stories for this pro bono campaign was "really a ghoulish endeavor," says Fallon McElligott Copywriter Phil Calvit.

There were too many teen-agers shooting each other, too many young ones playing with daddy's gun, too many stories alike. They were easy to find, flipping through newspapers or probing a network of support groups for bereaved families.

This campaign for Cease Fire, headed by Jann Wenner, seeks to make it socially unacceptable to have handguns in a house with kids.

Mr. Calvit's selections, including a babysitter who kills a 9-year-old with a gun found in a locked cabinet and an 18-month-old girl killed by her toddler brother, have elicited voluminous responses-most supportive, but not all.

"I've actually been called a pinko, which I thought was pretty quaint," he says.

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