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Vitro Robertson, San Diego

Thermoscan Instant Thermometer

Creative Director/Copywriter: John Robertson

Creative Director/Art Director: John Vitro

Photographer: Chris Wimpey

People don't care how the Thermoscan Instant Thermometer works. They just want to know where to stick it, says John Vitro, creative director at Vitro Robertson.

Their strategy was to showcase a new high-tech, medical product to consumers who would care about the product because it makes life easier.

Featuring a humorous drawing of a petrified infant clutching her blanket, the ad's copy tells mothers: "Your 1-year-old is sick, irritable and agitated. Now, try to tell her where the rectal thermometer needs to go."

The hope was that Thermoscan, which takes accurate temperatures at the ear in one second, would be associated with ease of use and a happier family.

"The technology of the product makes it easy for advertising to become too serious," says Mr. Vitro. "We took a light attitude to take the edge off."

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