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Fallon McElligott, Minneapolis

Timex Indiglo

Creative Director/Copywriter: Bruce Bildsten

Art Director: Dean Hanson

Photography: Jim Arnott, Ripsaw, Buck Holzemer

The power of brand image is nowhere more evident than at Timex, where watches that take lickings and keep ticking have prompted generations of owners to chronicle their experiences and send them into the company.

The situation for Timex's new Indiglo watches wasn't any different. Letters arrived by the bagful, and that was before agency Fallon McElligott launched a contest to elicit the best true stories.

"It was something we couldn't ignore," says Copywriter Bruce Bildsten. "We just tried to bring them to life in a whimsical way."

After relegating disaster stories to other ads, for this campaign he selected tales of the glowing watch used to mesmerize soon-to-be-dinner lobsters, navigate alligator-infested waterways, avoid injury in darkened submarines, sneak diary peeks, catch fireflies and honor rock stars.

Mr. Bildsten served mainly as editor: "I used no words that weren't in the original letters."

Sales kept on ticking, up by 20%. Market share also increased 5% for the year.

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