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Contest #419: The all-too-small cause marketing arena has suddenly become a swap meet, with socially conscious companies ready to exchange their wares for morally questionable merchandise. Toys `R' Us did it a couple months ago with its "Goods for Guns" program. Now British Knights is offering kids a free pair of sneakers for any piece of apparel that features R.J. Reynolds' Joe Camel smoking spokestoon. What's next? A "Hat for Hash" exchange at The Gap? T.N.T.ers: come up with the next socially conscious company to launch a swap marketing effort.

And now for the results of Contest #415: we asked you for the next advertising campaign to feature Rush Limbaugh and you pummeled us with these Right Wing jabs:

First Prize: The Rush Limbra from Playtex. A woman's face is seen as Rush's voice-over begins: "She wanted to be treated as an equal. She was raised to believe her brain really mattered. Until she became a `dittohead.' Now she wears the Playtex Limbra. Why waste all that effort trying to be an intellectual when it's how you look that's most important? With the Rush Limbra, you can really support the man you stand behind." Anne Becker and Caryne Moore, creatives, Pine Lake Advertising, Grand Island, Neb.

Second Prize: Rush Limbaugh for Kentucky Fried Chicken's new "Right Wings," set to launch at the 1996 Republican National Convention. "Right Wings" are super large chicken wings, coated with white flour, before roasting in a hot-air driven convention oven. Just say "Dittos" at the counter for a second helping. Jessica Ettinger, anchor, "Bloomberg Business News," WBBR-AM, New York.

Third Prize: Rush Limbaugh for Toro lawn mowers. A shot of Rush, mowing his lawn. "Like so many other things, all it takes is one big jerk to get it going." Phil Frankenfeld, free-lance writer, Milwaukee.

Honorable Intention: Rush Limbaugh for Calvin Klein jeans. In one 30-second spot, Rush is seen lounging on a couch, listening to the radio, wearing a firm fitting pair of Calvin Kleins. "Rush may be a staunch conservative, but when it comes to his Calvin Kleins, he is very liberal." Jerald Houk, creative assistant, Ad Com, Grovetown, Ga.

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