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Pharmacia & Upjohn today breaks new TV advertising for allergy spray Nasalcrom, a brand it picked up only last month from McNeil Consumer Products Co.

The $13.5 million campaign is from Jordan, McGrath, Case & Taylor, New York, assigned the business following the change.

The creative is similar to the work that broke in April from McNeil agency Saatchi & Saatchi Advertising's Healthcare Connection, using the tagline "Keep allergies away with Nasalcrom spray."


The new ads, handled by Jordan McGrath's Stawasz & Partners Healthcare unit, also emphasize the prevention claim of the spray, which just this year moved from prescription to over-the-counter status.

According to new print ads and TV spots for Nasalcrom, "The best way to stop suffering is to never start."

The campaign is planned to run through mid-September but may be extended.

"We haven't done anything specifically with perennial allergies yet, a lot of things could happen in that area," said Patrick McGrath, agency president.

After apparent conflicts kept lead U.S. Pharmacia agency Grey Advertising, New York, from forming a worldwide relationship with Pharmacia, the drug company last week shifted more than $68 million in creative and media planning responsibilities for several brands.


Jordan McGrath won hair-regrowth brand Rogaine, the Progaine shampoo/conditioner line and cholesterol treatment Colestid.

Grey lost Rogaine and Progaine, and also gave up the $11 million Cortaid account to W.B. Doner & Co., Southfield, Mich.

For now, Grey keeps all media buying.

Rogaine received $56.8 million in media support last year, with the majority of that money expected to be shifted to an Extra Strength 5% minoxidil version once it is approved for OTC by the Food & Drug Administration (AA, July 21).

New Rogaine advertising from Jordan McGrath isn't expected until Extra Strength is approved, perhaps by yearend.

Also awaiting FDA approval to cross to OTC is Colestid, which is expected to receive $25 million in support.

Non-pharmaceutical shampoo Progaine may also receive its first media support this year.

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