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Interactive group: Established 1994

Top interactive execs: Robert Solomon, president-direct marketing; Brian Cauley, managing director-interactive

Full-time interactive staff: 12

Alliances: None

1995 projects: Undislosed

1996 projects: Undisclosed

1995 interactive revenue: Undisclosed


Interactive group: Blue Marble Advanced Communications Group, founded in 1994, incorporated in 1995

Top interactive execs: David Yakir, president; Barbara Davies, general manager-director of new-business development; Kevin Davis, director of interactive development; Judith Laughren, director of account services

Full-time interactive staff: 23

Alliances: Electronic Data Systems (strategic alliance to provide database and transaction systems development)

1995 projects: Web sites for Travel Web, "Mortal Kombat 3/Hexen"; CompuServe site for DeBeers; trade show kiosk for Pella Windows

1996 projects: Several Web sites; America Online/eShop site for undisclosed clients

1995 interactive revenue: Undisclosed


Interactive groups: Bates USA Interactive, 1995

Top interactive exec: Dany Khosrovani, managing director-integrated communications, Bates USA

Full-time interactive staff: 47 (worldwide)

Alliances: None in U.S.; several overseas

1995 projects: Perrier Web site; CD-ROM driver's manual for Rover Group; wine information kiosks for Safeway stores in the U.K.

1996 projects: 20 under way

1995 interactive revenue: $7 million


Interactive group: None

Top interactive exec: Arnold Semsky, exec VP-director of media and programming services

Full-time interactive staff: 0

Alliances: MaxInfo, San Francisco

1995 projects: Interactive TV tests for six or seven clients; Web sites for 20th Century Fox, U.S. Navy

1996 projects: Include Web site for the Costa Rica Tourism Board

1995 interactive revenue: Undisclosed


Interactive group: BJK&E Interactive Group, 1993

Top interactive exec: Judy Black, senior partner-director of interactive and new-media technologies

Full-time interactive staff: 6

Alliances: Poppe.com, a sister full-service Web agency

1995 projects: Web site project management and strategic development for Chrysler, Merrill Lynch, Taylor Made, Valvoline; redesigned Toshiba Web site; CD-ROM showcasing multimedia products

1996 projects: In development for Tyco Toys, Pfizer, Taco Bell, Kawasaki, Bellcore

1995 interactive revenue: Undisclosed


Interactive group: Interactive Marketing Group, 1994

Top interactive execs: Rishad Tobaccowala, VP-account director; Doug Ryan, VP-account director; Eric and Adam Heneghan, multimedia directors, Giant Step Productions

Full-time interactive staff: 15

Alliances: Giant Step Productions (equity stake)

1995 projects: CD-ROM game for Dewar's scotch; CD-ROM bar game for Marlboro; America Online areas for Oldsmobile, McDonald's; Kellogg's information site on Microsoft Network; Web sites for Maytag, United Airlines

1996 projects: Undisclosed

1995 interactive revenue: Undisclosed


Interactive group: CME Interactive & Direct Marketing, 1995

Top interactive execs: Brent Bissell, senior VP-general manager; Toni D'Eramo, director-interactive services

Full-time interactive staff: 8

Alliances: None

1995 projects: Web sites for Healthy Choice, Toro, U S West, Frigidaire; proprietary online service for BASF Corp.; CD-ROM for Andersen Windows

1996 projects: 10 planned on Web, CD-ROM, disc platforms

1995 interactive revenue: Undisclosed


Interactive group: VoiCE, 1995

Top interactive execs: Jeffrey Scott, exec VP-director of communications development; Earl Houseman, senior VP-director of marketing technology development

Full-time interactive staff: 10

Alliances: None

1995 projects: Chevy Blazer CD-ROM; Web site for Delco Electronics

1996 projects: Web sites for Chevrolet, GMAC's consumer financial service, Continental Airlines, Farmers Insurance Group

1995 interactive revenue: $1 million-plus


Interactive group: Einstein & Sandom, New York, acquired in 1994

Top interactive exec: J Sandom, president-CEO, E&S

Full-time interactive staff: 30

Alliances: A joint venture with an unidentified Internet-access company

1995 projects: Web sites for Cadillac Catera, American Plastics Council

1996 projects: Interactive development for TWA; a "learning" assignment from Procter & Gamble Co. for Always and Pampers brands; projects for Baskin-Robbins, Visa, Blue Cross & Blue Shield

1995 interactive revenue: $2 million


Interactive group: DDB Needham Interactive Communications, 1993

Top interactive execs: Patricia Hoffman, director, New York; David King, executive director, Dallas; Jan Zwiren, exec VP-managing partner, Chicago; Wes Dubin, senior VP-director of electronic ventures, Chicago; Patty O'Neill, VP-director of digital multimedia, Chicago

Full-time interactive staff: 38

Alliances: None

1995 projects: Computer-based promotional program for travel agents; CD-ROM, Web, kiosk and commercial online development for another client; plus three screen savers, six Web sites, two CD-ROMs and two laptop presentations, all for undisclosed Chicago office clients

1996 projects: Ad sales presentation for Advo; CD-ROM for Case Dunlap; Web sites for Cigna, Michelin, others

1995 interactive revenue: $3 million to $4 million


Interactive group: Grey Interactive, 1992

Top interactive execs: Norman Lehoullier and Scott Sorokin, co-directors, Grey Interactive

Full-time interactive staff: 30

Alliances: None

1995 projects: Web sites for Seagram's Captain Morgan's Rum, Olin Corp., Hasbro's Monopoly, Procter & Gamble's Hugo fragrance and Sprint Business; CD-ROM and cable-modem projects

1996 projects: Assignments from Procter & Gamble, Hasbro and others

1995 interactive revenue: Undisclosed


Interactive group: Ketchum Interactive, 1993

Top interactive execs: Lynn Upshaw, exec VP-managing director, U.S.; Paul Ratzky, VP-group manager, U.S.; Bob Johnson, senior VP-co-director, San Francisco; Susi Watson, VP-co-director, San Francisco

Full-time interactive staff: 20-plus

Alliances: None

1995 projects: Diskette for Acuson; Web site interface for Bank of America; consulting with FMC Corp.; Ketchum Kitchen Web site; kiosk and Web site for National Potato Board; maintenance of Miller Genuine Draft Web site; consultant on Orkin Web site and on Oracle Corp. online ad strategy.

1996 projects: Undisclosed

1995 interactive revenue: Undisclosed


Interactive group: McCann Interactive, 1993

Top interactive exec: Ira Carlin, exec VP-worldwide media director

Full-time interactive staff: 55

Alliances: Include CKS Group (30% owned by McCann parent Interpublic); Quest & Associates, Atlanta; SiteLine, New York

1995 projects: Web sites for 1-800-FLOWERS, Buick, Black & Decker

1996 projects: Include Web site for L'Oreal

1995 interactive revenue: $6 million


Interactive group: Ogilvy & Mather Direct Interactive Marketing Group, 1983; relaunched as O&M Interactive, 1995

Top interactive exec: Michael Troiano, CEO, O&M Interactive

Full-time interactive staff: 30

Alliances: None

1995 projects: Web sites for Shell Oil, IBM Corp., Scudder Stevens & Clark; American Express ExpressNet on America Online

1996 projects: Undisclosed

1995 interactive revenue: $4 million


Interactive group: Interactive Plus, 1994

Top interactive exec: Allen Banks, exec VP-media director, North America

Full-time staff: 15 (North America)

Alliances: None

1995 projects: Web sites for Toyota (with Novo Media Group), Du Pont

1996 projects: 10 under way

1995 interactive revenue: Undisclosed


Interactive group: None

Top interactive execs: Fred Rubin, director of interactive marketing; Dick Hackenberg, interactive account director

Full-time interactive staff: 6

Alliances: None

1995 projects: Web site for Nissan; Nynex Technotorium on America Online

1996 projects: Undisclosed

1995 interactive revenue: $1 million-plus


Interactive group: J. Walter Thompson/OnLine, Detroit, 1990; JWT/Interactive Enterprise, San Francisco, 1994; Graphix Park Multimedia, Detroit, 1994

Top interactive execs: Ron Burns, CEO-group president, JWT North America; Jean Pool, exec VP-director of North America media buying services; David Marans, senior partner-director of U.S. media research; Hunter Madsen, senior partner, director of JWT/i.e; Roland Sharette, partner, director of interactive resources

Full-time interactive staff: 25

Alliances: Magnet Interactive Group, MIT Media Lab

1995 projects: CD-ROM, disc and kiosk projects for Ford; Web sites for Sprint (corporate, college, multimedia); Sun Solaris Web site

1996 projects: Rebuild Sprint corporate and Drums Web sites; Ford Taurus introduction on Prodigy/CompuServe; Web site for California Board of Tourism

1995 interactive revenue: Undisclosed


Interactive group: True North Technologies, 1994, joint venture between TN and R/GA Media Group

Top interactive exec: Greg Blaine, exec VP-global operating systems

Full-time interactive staff: 50

Alliances: None

1995 projects: Web site and in-store kiosks for Levi Strauss & Co. (Web site with Organic Online); Web sites for Campbell Soup Co., AT&T, Intel

1996 projects: Undisclosed

1995 interactive revenue: $20 million


Interactive group: Byer & McGuggart, 1994

Top interactive execs: Vincent Urbanowski, senior VP-new media; Robert S. Byer, president, B&M; Peter McGuggart, executive creative director, B&M

Full-time interactive staff: 3

Alliances: None

1995 projects: None

1996 projects: Developing four Web sites

1995 interactive revenue: $500,000


Interactive group: Y&R New Technologies, January 1996

Top interactive exec: Mike Samet, exec VP-media and new technologies

Full-time interactive staff: 50

Alliances: None

1995 projects: Web sites for AT&T, Kraft, Molson Ice, U.S. Army, U.S. Postal Service

1996 projects: Six under way

1995 interactive revenue: Undisclosed

Note: Top 20 U.S. agencies by 1994 gross income.

Source: Company statistics

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