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Local ad spending in the Hispanic market outmeasures national buys by more than 2-to-1 ($228 million vs. $104 million in '94 buys), according to research included in a new media directory of U.S. Hispanic print, TV and radio outlets.

The split in ad spending ($228 million for local vs. $104 million for national buys in '94 buys), will come as news to many publishers, who often concentrate on national marketers instead of the more lucrative local buy, said Octavio Nuiry, co-author and manager of public relations at agency Ad Rendon & Asociados, parent of the directory publisher ADR Publishing.

The media directory provides a comprehensive listing of U.S. Hispanic print, TV and radio outlets.

The 1996 Complete Hispanic Media Directory is a 223-page survey of 1,000 publications and 500 radio and TV stations. The ad-supported directory covers 20 areas, including contacts, format, cost per thousand, language of publication, and U.S. and international circulation. The English-language publication will include English- and Spanish-language outlets.

A real need

The need for such a book is evident from some of the research it presents, said co-author Kirk Whisler, publisher of Mexico Events & Destinations, and founding president of National Association of Hispanic Publications.

For example, since 1990, the number of weekly newspapers targeting the U.S. Hispanic market has increased 28%, with total circulation growing 112%, Mr. Whisler said.

The total combined annual circulation of 23.7 million for all Hispanic publications represents a 146% increase since 1990, he also noted.

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