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TV Spots of The Week

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Beach Horror
Marketer: Old Navy
Brand: Old Navy
Title: "Locker Shocker"
Agency: Deustch

Playing off the classic beach scenes of 'Jaws,' this Old Navy spot features a teenager in the surf suddenly confronted by the summer's worst imaginable horror.

Not Cross-dressing
Marketer: Motorola
Brand: Moto E815 Phone
Title: "Duty Calls"
Agency: Ogilvy & Mather, New York

Although it initially looks like one of those edgy ads about cross dressing, this one ends as a poignant story about one's man's true devotion to his wife.

Maybelline Makeup Man
Marketer: L'Oreal USA
Brand: Maybelline
Title: "Troy Surratt"
Agency: Gotham, New York

Troy Surratt, the new endorsement darling of Maybelline, struts his stuff in this paean to the fashion scene. The makeup man who does the faces of stars including Hispanic pop queen Thalia, Janet Jackson and Hilary Swank of 'Million Dollar Baby' fame was signed as the cosmetic giant's 'New York Consulting Makeup Artist' in January.

Sculpture Car
Marketer: General Motors
Brand: Pontiac G6
Title: "Spider Web"
Agency: Chemistri, Troy, Mich.

Many car ads of recent years have attempted to present their products as kinetic sculpture but Jaguar was one of the few that actually achieved the effect. But now, Pontiac has scored with this sensual photographic contemplation of the G6 Coupe's curves.

River of Light
Marketer: Southern Co.
Brand: Southern Co.
Title: "River"
Agency: Grey Worldwide, Atlanta

Southern Co., the utility giant, gives us a visual anthems of fast-moving images that evoke a sense of pride in nationhood as well oneness in desperate need for the product.

Agonizing Tale
Marketer: Nintendo
Brand: Nintendo Wireless
Title: "The Sad and Agonizing Tale of Bhuvan Ganguly"
Agency: Leo Burnett, Chicago

This one-minute mini movie, 'The Sad and Agonizing Tale of Bhuvan Ganguly,' is an abstract pitch for the concept of Nintendo's coming WiFi network. Gamers packing a Nintendo portable will soon be able to reach out to affect things everywhere from anywhere. We hope one of them gets this poor wretch a more substantial sort of lunch.

Storm Makers
Marketer: American Automobile Association
Brand: American Automobile Association
Title: "Windstorm"
Agency: BuderEngel and Friends, San Francisco

This must have been a fun assignment for the production company: Create an authentic-looking storm strong enough to tear a dormer off a garage roof. The spot is one of a new group in which AAA demonstrates how it is one of those rare marketers that must constantly work to associate its brand with the worse kind of disasters.

Watered Down Products
Marketer: Pittsburgh Brewing Co.
Brand: IC Beer
Title: "Wings"
Agency: Smith Brothers Advertising, Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh Brewing Co. is one of those small, regional operations whose product pioneering efforts often get lost after industry giants pounce on an idea. Twenty five years ago, Pittburgh began brewing a light beer -- IC Light. Now it's battling to get consumers to notice it in a world overrun by light-beer brands.

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