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Marketer: Coors Brewing Co.'s Zima

Address: http://www.zima.com/zimah.html

What's there: Opens with a stream-of-consciousness bit of cyberfiction, followed by three icons leading to information about Zima, e-mail and Tribe Z, a loyalty club. Lots of sounds, graphics, video files to play with.

Comments: A sarcastic, Generation X home page for those who like to waste time downloading useless-but funny-noises and graphic files (a caveat-some downloads aren't possible with Macintosh computers).

Marketer: Miller Brewing Co.'s Miller Genuine Draft

Address: http://www.mdgtaproom.com

What's there: Articles to read (most don't even relate to beer), an online survey, a list of favorite Internet sites, news from MGD's sports sponsorships.

Comments: Billed as a virtual bar, this feels more like a neighborhood tap than a see-and-be-seen place. It tries to have attitude but ends up being a chore.


Marketer: Norwegian Cruise Lines

Address: http://www.explore.com/ncl.html

What's there: Pictures of ships and cabins, weather updates, lists of departure dates and times, rate information and cruise itineraries.

Comments: It's pretty much everything you'd need to know from a glossy online brochure. There's no direct way to book reservations, but in addition to offering a phone number, there is a link to an online travel agency.

Marketer: Club Med

Address: http://www.hotwired.com/Coin/Spnsrs/Clubmed/

What's there: Information on 18 Club Med resorts, clickable map to locate destinations, downloadable QuickTime movies. Rate information is still under construction.

Comments: Like a lot of marketers, this site sorely needs to find a way to let you make reservations online. One bonus: a $50 Club Med gift certificate in exchange for filling out an online survey.


Marketer: MCI Communications Corp.

Address: http://www.mci.com/gramercy/intro.html

What's there: You're exploring the offices of Gramercy Press, MCI's fictional publishing house. You can enter each staffer's office, clicking icons to open drawers or read e-mail. And all the while you learn about networkMCI.

This site is unquestionably the best Internet marketing effort to date. The sales pitch is smoothly integrated into the exploration, and there are numerous opportunities for user feedback. You can even e-mail Gramercy's employees (a missive we sent was answered with a form letter, however).

Marketer: AT&T

Address: http://www.att.com/

What's there: This under-construction home page offers product information, a copy of AT&T's annual report, press releases and an 800-number directory. Hot links connect users to AT&T's other Internet presences, youwill.com and HotWired.

Comments: The site was last modified on Nov. 22, way too long ago. The online 800-number directory is interesting, but we're not sure of its value.

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