Netscape IPO offers up laughs

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Netscape Communications Corp.'s stock offering last week drew interest from both experts and the amateurs, and it turns out many of the latter called Netscape with questions. An internal memo making the rounds at the hot Internet software company contains an amazing collection of odd questions, silly queries and strange visitors. "A lot of the people that called were Netscape users who weren't necessarily the typical stock market people, and a lot of the others were stock market people who weren't technically savvy," a spokeswoman said. We assume Netscape's true investors are a bit more in-the-know than the people described in the memo below:

Greetings Netscapers,

As you all know, PR, Finance and the front desk have received thousands of calls from the public since announcing our IPO on June 23. PR thought it might be fun to compile the "DUMB, DUMB, AND DUMBER" list for your reading enjoyment. Have fun reading these TRUE stories. Believe it or not, these really are all true.

Caller: Do you know what the ticker symbol will be yet?
Finance: At this point I believe it will be "N" as in Netscape, "S" as in Sam, "C" as in Charlie, "P" as in Paul. "N-S-C-P".
Caller: That was "N" as in WHAT???

Caller: How can I get on this "Friends of Netscape" stock list?
Finance: Do you have any connection to Netscape?
Caller: I just heard about the information superhighway. I was told
Netscape was a user-friendly browser, so I want to be on the "Friends of Netscape" stock list.

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