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Contest #456: In the wild kingdom, a newt is a slippery little semi-aquatic creature. A derivation of the salamander. Now we're not going to say Newt Gingrich bares any resemblance in appearance or behavior to a newt (although what's he doin', squirting away from denying welfare to legal aliens?), but no man named Newt can hope to be held in high regard. Especially with a last name like Gingrich. And especially since he's Republican. So T.N.T.ers: come up with a new name and image makeover for Newt Gingrich.

And now for the results of Contest #452: we asked you for the next marketing effort to put prayer back where it belongs-the classroom:

First Prize: Campaign focuses on prayers that could be advantageous to schools if the law allows them. Ads depict a school superintendent praying that the union won't strike, a teacher praying not to be knifed and a teen-age student praying his girlfriend isn't pregnant. Tagline: "Prayer. It's one thing our schools can afford." Michael Boyd, senior manager, Discovery Networks, Bethesda, Md.

Second Prize: Juxtaposed images of baggy-pantsed kid with attitude and a big boom box rapping along with "Cop Killer" in the school lunchroom with those of the same kid with an angelic visage, dressed in shirt and tie, reciting the Lord's Prayer at his desk. "Prayer. What a beautiful choice." Carol Skolnick, copywriter, Pashyanti Creative Services, New York.

Third Prize: Republicans will sponsor a new network series based on the Laura Ingalls books (beloved by advocates of traditional family values). This sequel is entitled "Little Prayer on the Prairie." In the first episode, Laura and her friends learn to spell the words "caucus" and "non-denominational." Don Hauptman, copywriter, New York.

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