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It was as if the advertising gods reached down and dropped a gift on Nike. Tiger Woods' Masters' 16th hole shot rolled in super-slow motion before settling on the lip for almost two full seconds-with the black Nike swoosh logo visible-before dropping into the hole. The live shot and subsequent replays on CBS were estimated at almost $1 million in free advertising. Not bad for a company that pays a reported $5 million for the sponsorship-and for Chris Mike, marketing director of Nike Golf.

AA: You've seen the estimates for that shot: Some say more than $1 million. How do you calculate it?

Mr. Mike: It completely energized Nike Golf.

AA: You have said you don't need to do a spot right away because of all the media play the shot received. How much of a bump can you get without doing a campaign?

Mr. Mike: We don't need to rush to do something. That moment is an instant classic. At Nike we have such respect for moments like that. The last thing we would want to do is something to take away how special that shot was . So we're taking our time and considering all our options. That said, we also recognize that we have a window of opportunity.

AA: How do you think this one shot will affect sales?

Mr. Mike: I suppose we could get to some answers with research, but we're too busy focusing on the next opportunity.

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