Nina Tassler, president, CBS Entertainment

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AA: What's your most challenging time period?

Ms. Tassler: Wednesday at 9 p.m. It's scheduling Darwinism at its best-only the best shows survive. There are six dramas on [the Big Four networks] on Wednesday night.

AA: Which of your shows are TiVo-proof?

Ms. Tassler: We would love them all to be appointment television. It's hard to determine. We're confident about the rollout this fall. Each of the episodes has got a significant event early on. We really encourage our producers to deliver big stories and big production values.

AA: Which show on another network scares you the most?

Ms. Tassler: Part scares me, and part infatuates me-UPN's "Everbody Hates Chris." It's an interesting kind of fear, I do feel that show has tremendous potential to break out.

AA: Which of the mid-season shows do you have the highest hopes for?

Ms. Tassler: We're very excited about "Love Monkey," which reflects a departure from the programming we have on the schedule. We take note of the fact we are a broadcaster and have fundamental obligation to deliver programming for a mass audience. This year in particular, "Ghost Whisperer," "Threshold" and "Love Monkey" all represent different genres.

AA: What's your favorite show on cable?

Ms. Tassler: I love to watch documentaries on The History Channel and TLC. Also "Curb Your Enthusiasm" and "Entourage" on HBO.

AA: Best TV show of all time?

Ms. Tassler: Somewhere between "The Mary Tyler Moore Show," and "I Love Lucy." Personally there's never a time when I'm flipping channels that if I come across an episode of either that I don't stop and watch the entire show.

AA: What has ABC's success taught you?

Ms. Tassler: It hasn't necessarily taught us anything. We learned from "CSI" and we saw it reflected with "Desperate Housewives," the commitment audiences are making to TV across the board. It has rekindled loyalty and we're excited about "CSI," "Without a Trace," and "Two and a Half Men."


Ranking in 18-49 demographic ranking for 2004/2005: No. 2

Rating/Viewers/Share in 18-49: 4/5.2 million/11 (Nielsen Media Research)

Strengths and weaknesses: Sitcoms have been a problem for most networks, but not CBS, fielding "King of Queens" and "Two and a Half Men" and now looking for another hit in "How I Met Your Mother." Some think CBS will become a victim this season of procedural-drama fatigue.

Doug says: "They are in the middle of their life span with ‘CSI’ doing well, but aging slightly and the spinoffs weren’t extraordinary. ... The comedy bench is less than great, not bad. They have too many eggs in the procedural basket."

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