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London-based The Attik Design has been testing the cross-Atlantic waters with a downtown Manhattan office, and the results so far are more than a little promising. With a host of projects to its credit since January (clients include Wired, Columbia Tri-Star, RCA/BMG, Swatch and Kodak) and 11 designers on staff, according to Attik/New York president William Travis, this U.S. satellite is by no means a slave to the mothership, which was indeed founded in an attic 10 years ago by James Sommerville and Simon Needham.

The Euro-flash Attik style is shown off to great and sometimes grating effect in its third and latest promotional book, Noise 3, an ambitious digital deluge of eye candy-coated experiments with metallics, fluorescents, foils, screens, folds, holographics and intriguing oddities like plastic, fabric and paper bound in steel. The book "pushes the design idea in as many directions as possible," says Travis, with both personal and client-commissioned work, but Attik's techno/grunge hybrid invariably raves on through.

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