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Jane Trahey

Jane Trahey, 76, a pioneer among women ad executives, died April 22 at her home in Kent, Conn., of cancer. Ms. Trahey was one of the first women to open her own ad agency, New York-based Trahey Advertising in 1960. She also was known for her copywriting skills, producing memorable slogans including the long-running "What becomes a legend most?" campaign for Blackglama mink. Trahey Advertising was renamed Trahey/Wolf in 1966 after Ms. Trahey joined with photographer and art director Henry Wolf. When Mr. Wolf left several years later, Ms. Trahey formed a partnership with Peter Rogers, with whom she would work on the Blackglama advertising. The famous campaign, using celebrities including Barbra Streisand, Lauren Bacall and Tommy Tune, ran from 1968 to 1996. Ms. Trahey was named Advertising Woman of the Year in 1969 by the American Advertising Federation. Advertising Age, in its special issue last year titled "The Advertising Century," named Ms. Trahey No. 43 among the "Top 100 Advertising People."

Eugene Katz

Eugene Katz, 93, former president and chairman of Katz Media Group, New York, died March 28. Mr. Katz was the grandson of company founder Emmanuel Katz and the son of former Chairman George Katz. Eugene Katz entered his father's company in 1929. Despite the Depression, Mr. Katz pushed his vision of moving the company's business from newspaper sales into radio. By 1940, the company had made a transition to sales activity in two media, with a radio list of 25 stations. He later expanded the research division at Katz Media, ultimately creating Audience Survey Inc. Mr. Katz also promoted the marketing strength of spot TV. Mr. Katz was named president of the company in 1952 and became chairman following his father's death in 1970. He retired in 1972. Katz Media Group now is a subsidiary of AMFM Inc.

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