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"Sacred Grounds"

Every father whose heart has heard his baby's cry

And understood the fear inside

Who jumped at her whisper, or slightest sound

Will fully embrace these Sacred Grounds

It is a world we enter, a bond we make

The charter we write for our future's sake

More ennobling than any crown

This is the land we travel in Sacred Grounds

The fear for life is now never our own

We hurt for their bruises and broken bones

We tire of the screaming and all of the sound

It's part of the territory of Sacred Grounds

My son is near seven, my daughter is three

I often dream of the world they will see

After reading your coverage of the Oklahoma City bombing (AA, April 4), I decided to reciprocate and share a poem I had written while watching the memorial service held following the tragedy. My decision to share the poem was not without mixed feelings. I wrote it as a personal expression about fatherhood and loss and frankly, to honor, grieve and deal with the enormity of the tragedy the best way I knew, through words.

What I believe you did by taking the leap of faith and covering what needed to be covered as a result of the Oklahoma City tragedy started a dialogue with marketing people about issues "bigger" than the business of marketing. Maybe because you had the insight and courage to expand your domain and focus coverage on something much more significant then the normally relevant marketing lead story, your readers will take your lead in continuing the dialogue.

Clifford R. Medney

Director, consumer promotion, Nabisco

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