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MINORITY VIEW: Maybe the media are biased, after all. How else to explain why -- despite a flurry of industry, government and advocacy group initiatives launched over the past month -- the topic of "minority media" ranked last among the major marketing events tracked in this month's Spindex column?

With only four print media articles generating 5,236 words of copy among the Spindex sample of influential media outlets, "minority media" was relegated to minority status and a Spindex score of only 43.

By comparison, the top story of the month -- Oscar advertising -- scored a Spindex of 697 and attracted the attention of 84 news stories for a total of 58,179 words of copy and 3 minutes of network TV news time. Another marketing-related awards show -- CBS' Grammy telecast -- ranked fourth with a Spindex of 239.

But a story about a print media vehicle -- People and the controversy surrounding its cover story on Chelsea Clinton -- generated the most amount of TV coverage among last month's Spindex topics. Sixteen network newscasts devoted 8 minutes of TV time to the first daughter's story, which combined with enough print media coverage to turn in a Spindex of 631.

Victoria's Secret's heavily hyped online fashion show ranked third with a scantily clad Spindex of 456, while liquor industry plans for a new TV campaign ranked fifth with a Spindex of 130, barely beating out Calvin Klein's

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