Overheard at AMC

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You made more money in the third quarter than the U.S. version of Reader's Digest!"

-Reader's Digest Association CEO Tom Ryder, joking to his son about the performance of his restaurants.

I had to be blunt and honest, because you guys aren't."

-Business Week Editor in Chief Steve Shepard, to Conde Nast President-CEO Steve Florio's objections to his unsubtle questioning during the AMC's CEO panel.

There are too many agencies! I'm sick of calling on all of them!"

-Mr. Florio, responding to a question from the audience about whether there are too many magazines.

No one wants to sit next to the governor!"

-Anonymous conference official, dragooning a top industry executive to fill a key seat at the head table.

I put my dress in the closet."

-Mayor Rudolph Giuliani, responding to ribbing from AMC Chair and Time Out New York President Cyndi Stivers over his forays into transvestism.

You want to hear my morbid prediction?"

-One attendee to another, exiting the first night's festivities.

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