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To promote the naked truths about its No. 1 fabric softener Lenor Ultra, marketer Procter & Gamble Co. is running racy TV spots in Germany featuring a plush bathrobe-and a completely nude male model.

A skinny-dipping endorser dives into a pool of water and then dons a fluffy bathrobe for this new commercial from Grey, Dusseldorf. Confiding his love for the robe after his swim, the man proclaims that he keeps it fresh with a mere thimbleful of Lenor Ultra.

The spots, which P&G may eventually expand to the Swiss market as well, are considered risque from a company known for fairly conservative approaches to peddling its wares. And while nudity has long been a mainstay in German advertising, P&G's new eyebrow-raising effort may also be considered avant-garde for debunking traditional European gender roles. The model's self-professed admiration for Lenor Ultra is more typically ascribed to women in ads. So he seems liberated not only from the confines of his clothing-he also sheds a couple of stereotypes in the process.

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