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Procter & Gamble Co. will be testing new ways of marketing household products when it launches Dryel home dry-cleaning alternative in Columbus, Ohio, in February (AA, Nov. 24).

With Dryel, the marketer known for massive TV support will employ such tactics as using the corporate brand on package fronts and merchandising the product in department stores.

Of course, there will be TV, print, radio and outdoor advertising for the dry-cleaning kit. But since 80% of consumers who used Dryel said they'll be buying more dry-clean-only garments, P&G will do demonstrations in women's clothing departments of Columbus-area stores.


P&G wouldn't discuss the Dryel marketing budget, but it will get more and broader support than typical P&G rollouts because of the need to educate consumers about "something they've never done before," said Jamie Egasti, director of marketing for new laundry and cleaning products.

A campaign from Leo Burnett USA, Chicago, will likely feature the tagline "A fresh new choice for dry-clean-only fabric care." Besides media advertising, P&G will use direct-mail couponing and sampling.

Using a "New from Procter & Gamble" tag on the package front label is a departure for a company that seldom plays up its corporate brand in the U.S. But Mr. Egasti said it makes sense for Dryel.

Likewise, Dryel has added radio and outdoor to P&G's usual media mix because of the brand's special needs in reaching working women, Mr. Egasti said.

"With our target of working women 18 to 54, we believe radio is going to be very effective," he said.

P&G touts Dryel as one of the "new to the world" categories from which it expects to create $12 billion in annual sales in the next decade. But a small New Jersey company, Consumer Product Resources, already markets a home-dryer dry cleaning system called Custom Cleaner.

"We do take some exception to calling this a novel product from P&G," said Peter Cosentino, VP-marketing and sales at Consumer Product Resources.

But he said P&G's entry could benefit Custom Cleaner by expanding the category, which currently stands at about $4 million, counting his brand's sales.

Custom Cleaner was rolled out a year ago in the Northeast and is now expanding to Chicago.

In October, Consumer Product Resources retained East Pointe Advertising, Jacksonville, Fla., the in-house agency for its Clean Shower brand, to use that bathroom cleaner's network of drive-time radio personality endorsers. Custom

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