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Is Pajama Boy back? So it seems. You may recall Wells, Rich, Greene's much-debated 1988 ad for Benson & Hedges showing a young man, clad in pajama bottoms, walking in on a dinner party or brunch. The ad created a buzz: What was this guy doing? Was he the lover of the lady in blue or the bald fellow? Ad Age ran a contest about PJ Boy. So did Philip Morris, offering PJs to those with the best explanations. The ad's photographer, Denis Piel, offered his interpretation: PJ Boy was sick at home and came out of the bedroom to see what all the noise was about. (Perhaps PJ Boy was sick from smoking.) Pajama Boy went away. But he-or a clone-is back in a Y&R ad for PM's Parliament Lights, bidding farewell to a pretty woman. Adages' interpretation: There's a brunch going on upstairs. Pajama Boy and the lady had to step outside for a breath of dirty air because it's now deemed immoral and probably illegal to smoke inside. Pajama Boy spends a lot of time smoking outside, judging from his not exactly healthy tan.



Word is new GQ Publisher Jack Laschever (see "For the Record" on Page 29) is getting a package that could easily top $1 million to make his move from American Express Publ. That includes base salary, bonus, a buyout of AmEx stock options and standard Conde Nast perks of car and club memberships. CN had to pay to play, knowledgeable sorts say. Adages hears Laschever turned down several CN overtures over the past 18 months. Talk is Laschever declined the GQ post at least once last week-prompting GQ to up the offer to close the deal.

TBWA office is

virtually history

TBWA will dump the Chiat/Day scheme of musical chairs, aka the virtual office, and give each staffer a permanent desk when T+C/D/NY moves to new uptown digs in September. It's a return to normalcy for TBWA, where staffers had to get used to the wild and wacky Chiat way of open seating and mobile phones after their 1995 union. The agency is moving in across the street from St. Patrick's Cathedral, convenient for any ad execs who wish to atone for their sins. T+C/D in Venice relocates around the same time, abandoning its famed "binoculars building" for new digs close to Marina del Rey.

Franc-ophiles . . . burley farmers

Franco-San Fran shop Publicis Hal Riney & Partners celebrated Bastille Day by inviting staffers to bring their dogs to work (presuming your poodle does not make a puddle). Lunch was a pot luck since, it seems, Hal Riney and his new French master, Maurice Levy, were too cheap to spring for a banquet. .*.*. Ammirati is said to be mulling job cuts of 70 to 100 people following Compaq's departure. A spokesman declined comment. . . . U.S. Burley Growers Association, the hardworking family farmers that grow the tobacco that contributes so much, is looking for an agency to improve its image.M

Compiled by Bradley Johnson with news from Mercedes M. Cardona, Alice Z. Cuneo, Ann Marie Kerwin and Laura Petrecca.

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