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Wet Love in a Car Wash
Marketer: Panasonic
Brand: Close Curves Shavers
Title: "Car Wash"
Agency: Kaplan Thaler Group, New York

Now here's some slick and slippery ad work. Shaving themselves together in the front seat of a top-town convertible as it moves through a car wash, the heroes of this spot clearly love their new razors as much as each other. The commercial is promoting new pivot-action wet-dry shavers. The tagline is 'Wetter Is Better.'

Death Diamonds
Marketer: Smirnoff
Brand: Smirnoff Red
Title: "Diamonds"
Agency: J. Walter Thompson, London

It's not exactly clear how this creepy European ad about processing mortuary ash into diamonds will make viewers want to drink more vodka. However, it probably will generate quite a few inquiries from consumers interested in turning their loved -- or not so loved -- ones into expensive jewelry.

Bob DeNiro's Amex
Marketer: American Express
Brand: American Express
Title: "DeNiro Tribeca"
Agency: Ogilvy & Mather, New York

Hired to hawk the American Express card, Robert DeNiro devotes equal amounts of promo time and passion in this commercial to his TriBeca Film Festival as well as the city he loves.

Diarrhea Dance
Marketer: Procter & Gamble
Brand: Pepto-Bismol
Title: "Elves"
Agency: Publicis, New York

Enlisting Santa's elves in its effort to sell a diarrhea remedy, Procter & Gamble has the little people holding their behinds as they dance. How awful.

Singing for Saturn
Marketer: Saturn/'Jane' magazine
Brand: Ion Red Line
Title: "Burning in the Sun"
Agency: Partizan Entertainment

Nothing subtle about this advertainment music video, which begins with the band Blue Merle reflected in the curved exterior panels of a Saturn Ion Red Line sedan and ends with the band reflected in the vehicle's rear view mirror. In between, the emerging Nashville group knocks out an engaging tune, 'Burning in the Sun,' for a promo project funded and co-marketed jointly by Saturn and 'Jane' magazine.

Goat Sucker
Marketer: T-Mobile
Brand: T-Mobile
Title: "Chapacabras"
Agency: Conill Advertising, Los Angeles

This spot toys with the Hispanic myth about vampire-like 'goat suckers' or monsters found in the deep woods. Trying to avoid the extra roaming costs on brand X cellphones, a group of hikers -- one of them wearing a goat skin coat -- frantically debate whether they should wait until 7 p.m. to make their call for help.

Holiday Drive
Marketer: Infiniti
Brand: Infiniti
Title: "FX Long"
Agency: TBWA/Chiat/Day

Imagine you are driving a real Infiniti through one of those sprawling Christmas miniature railroad platforms. A real Christmas card of a commercial.

Stapler Camera
Marketer: Staples
Brand: Staples
Title: "Grandma"
Agency: McCann Erickson

A wacky grandmother has a family rolling its eyes as she uses a stapler to take photos of the Christmas tree trimming. Someone should go to Staples and get her a digital camera. Yeah, we got that.

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