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Paris Hilton's Sidekick
Marketer: T-Mobile
Brand: T-Mobile Sidekick 2
Title: "Softeners"
Agency: Publicis in the West, Seattle

In one of those unusual appearances where she doesn't take her clothes off, Paris Hilton is paired with an odd collection of celebrities -- including Burt Reynolds and Wayne Newton -- who all use their T-Mobile Sidekicks to text message Snoop Dogg long-distance advice about how best to use laundry softener.

Living Room Robot
Marketer: iRobot, Burlington, Mass.
Brand: Roomba Vacuum Cleaner
Title: "Roswell"
Agency: Brand Content, Boston

Shot with the eerie feel of a documentary about people who have just experienced alien sightings at Roswell, this wonderfully playful spot seems perfectly matched to the product: robotic vacuum cleaners.

Phat but Razr Thin
Marketer: Motorola
Brand: Moto Razr 3
Title: "Transformer"
Agency: Ogilvy & Mather, New York

This visually fetching spot demonstrates how your home communications gadgetry can now fit in Motorola's ultra-thin Moto Razr 3. The Razr has global reach and external caller ID and is a speaker phone, a still camera, video camera, MPEG4 video player, a game console, a SMS text messenger, a calculator and much more. Directed by Bruce St. Claire of Chelsea Pictures, New York.

Executive Chicken
Marketer: Buffalo Wild Wings Restaurants
Brand: Popcorn Shrimp
Title: "The Interview"
Agency: Periscope, Minneapolis

Chicken costume rentals must surely be a growth industry this year, what with Burger King's Subservient Chicken and Chicken Fight spots and now this ad from Buffalo Wild Wings Restaurants. In this one, a feathered restaurant exec interviews a shrimp as a possible new menu item. The chain uses the corporate tagline 'Beer. Wings. Sports. All the Essentials.'

Out of Control Elves
Marketer: PepsiCo
Brand: Pepsi Spice
Title: "Pepsi Spice"
Agency: BBDO, New York

Pepsi uses a band of clumsy, truck-crashing elves to introduce its new holiday flavor, Pepsi Spice. Four of Santa's errant little people are SO small that a team of them has to work the steering wheel and gas/brake pedals in the truck cab, resulting in roadway chaos. Kids will love it.

Holiday Horns
Marketer: Jack in the Box
Brand: Jack in the Box
Title: "Holiday Spirit"
Agency: Secret Weapon Marketing

Jack in the Box has consistently set itself apart with TV ads that often seem to dance perilously close to the sociopathic edge. Its latest, vaguely discomforting drama occurs in a holiday office among the antler people.

Sarah Jessica Parker's Gap
Marketer: Gap Inc.
Brand: Gap
Title: "Warmth"
Agency: Laird & Partners, New York

In her continuing promotion of Gap clothing lines, Sarah Jessica Parker plays host to a white room full of well-dressed holiday revelers, including Mary J. Bilge, who belts out her hit 'Best of My Love.' Throughout the spot, the 'Sex and the City' queen does laughs and goo-goo eyes with actor Josh Duhamel, one of the stars of NBC's 'Las Vegas.'

Perfect Sweaters
Marketer: Old Navy
Brand: Old Navy Sweaters
Title: "Holiday Groceries"
Agency: Deutsch, Los Angeles

Old Navy assembles a cast of perfect-looking teenagers to sing the choral praises of its perfect-looking sweaters.

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