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Paris Hilton's Hot Burgers
Marketer: Carl's Jr.
Brand: Spicy BBQ Six Dollar Burger
Title: "That's Hot"
Agency: Mendelsohn Zein Advertising, Los Angeles

Skating the edge between pornographic images and artistic sensuality, Carl's Jr. serves up Paris Hilton in a spot called 'That's Hot.' And it certainly is -- the fast-paced montage of rubber garden hoses, sudsy body parts and erotic moves has ignited a firestorm of controversy that surely achieves Carl's Jr.'s -- and Ms. Hilton's -- goal of maximum national exposure.

Hate and Flying Diesels
Marketer: Honda
Brand: Accord Diesel
Title: "Grrr"
Agency: Wieden & Kennedy, London

From the same minds that gave us 'Cog' comes this new Honda commercial that is quite a trip. Imagine if the squadron of flying toasters of screen-saver fame went on an LSD bender and morphed into a squadron of flying diesel engines instead. In their minds, they putter high above a Peter Max landscape as a disembodied voice sings about the positive value of hate. While this spot has already become the darling of the international advertising creative community, one can't help wondering how many consumers are likely to remember the brand of engines it sells.

Priests Ice Skate for Beer
Marketer: Stella Artois
Brand: Stella Artois
Title: "Ice Skating Priests"
Agency: Lowe, London

The latest of its ongoing series of dramatic epics for its 'Reassuringly Expensive' beer, Stella Artois takes us for a two-minute visit to a gathering of ice-skating priests engaged in a conflict over beer.

Donald Trump, Military Recruiter
Marketer: U.S. Department of Defense
Brand: Military Recruitment
Title: "What It Takes"
Agency: Mullen, Wenham, Mass.

Real estate mogul, casino tycoon and TV star Donald Trump adds military recruiter to his repertoire in this ad for the Defense Department. The spot casts military service as an 'Apprentice'-like task assigned from a corporate boardroom.

Aflac's Frankenstein
Marketer: Aflac
Brand: Aflac Insurance
Title: "Experiment"
Agency: Kaplan Thaler Group, New York

Aflac takes its duck back in time to the 19th century laboratory of Dr. Frankenstein, wiring the bird in serial with a lovely maiden. When the electric arcs cease crackling, the duck speaks like a silken-tongued woman and the maiden has webbed feet.

The Sad Addiction
Marketer: Quit Plan
Brand: Quit Plan
Title: "Time to Quit"
Agency: Campbell Mithun, Minneapolis, Minn.

Unlike the majority of other anti-tobacco commercials, which demonize nicotine-hawking corporations, this one takes a bead on the pathetic nature of the addiction itself. If there ever was a symbol 180 degrees removed from the Marlboro Man, it is this suburbanite in pajamas riding a child's bicycle down a midnight road in a desperate quest for a cigarette to suck.

Burning Rubber
Marketer: DaimlerChrysler
Brand: Dodge Charger
Title: "Dragster Launch"
Agency: BBDO, Detroit

Attention motorheads: Chrysler has returned to the rubber-burning game with the resurrection of its Charger, previously killed off in 1988. This is a curious ad featuring tiny type warning that its scenes were filmed on a closed track, yet the shots a consumer is most likely to remember are those of the vehicle driving on an everyday turnpike.

Marauding Robot
Marketer: Good Humor Breyers
Brand: Popsicle
Title: "Giant Robot"
Agency: Campbell Mithun, Minneapolis

Like an escapee from a low-budget 1960s sci-fi flick, a giant robot marauders an urban landscape, blasting killer rays from it cyclopean eye. But have no fear, the caped and masked Man of Popsicle flies in to save the day. Not so obvious is that director Thor Freudenthal of Reactor Films/SM had to re-create the crude look of older animation techniques with the latest computer technologies.

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