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1993Bert C. Roberts Jr., MCI Communications Corp.

1992Ross Perot, presidential candidate

1991Sam Walton, founder, Wal-Mart Stores

1990Mike Harper, chairman-CEO, ConAgra

1989Fred Turner, chairman, McDonald's Corp.

(Adman of the Decade)

1988Michael Eisner, chairman-CEO, Walt Disney Co.

1987John Smale, chairman-CEO, Procter & Gamble Co.

1986Robert Goizueta, chairman-CEO, Coca-Cola Co.

1985Roger Smith, chairman, General Motors Corp.

1984John Sculley, president-CEO, Apple Computer

1983Lee Iacocca, chairman-CEO, Chrysler Corp.

1982R. Gordon McGovern, president-CEO, Campbell Soup Co.

1981Steven Ross, chairman-CEO, Warner Communications

1980Richard Wirthlin, chief strategist, Ronald Reagan's

presidential campaign

1979Donald Smith, president, Burger King Corp.

1978Barry Diller, chairman, Paramount Pictures

1977John Murphy, president, Miller Brewing Co.

1976Robert Dewar, chairman, Kmart Corp.

1975Rawleigh Warner Jr., chairman, Mobil Oil

1974Donald Keough, president, Coca-Cola USA

1973W.T. Beebe, chairman, Delta Air Lines

1972Roy Chapin Jr., chairman, American Motors Corp.

1971David Mahoney, chairman-president, Norton Simon Inc.

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