Pay package for Sorrell OK'd

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Shareholders of London-based WPP Group approved Chief Executive MartinSorrell's whopping new pay scheme after a long and acrimonious meeting Monday.Changes in the original proposal were made late last week after institutionalinvestors threatened to vote against it.

Even with the new, tougher performance criteria for the share price, dividendand earnings per share targets Mr. Sorrell must meet, he stands to make as muchas $40 million to $56 million over the next five years as head of the agencyholding company.

One shareholder labeled Mr. Sorrell's controversial pay package "greed on atruly heroic scale."

WPP Chairman Gordon Stevens, who chaired the meeting, said Mr. Sorrell "willbe rewarded better than his industry peers only if WPP's share price increasesby about 17% in each of the five years."

Shaq challenge may get reply
Expect to see Hakeem Olajuwon's response to Shaquille O'Neal's challenge forsome sort of one-on-one duel between the two pro basketball stars on Wednesdayvia print ads in several leading newspapers, including USA Today. Shaq--or anentity purporting to be Shaq--took out full-page ads in newspapers on Monday totell Hakeem, "Sure, you're pretty good with your team behind you, but I wantyou one on one." Neither Mr. O'Neal's nor Mr. Olajuwon's representatives wouldcomment, but executives close to both athletes didn't deny that a marketer mayhave hired Messrs. O'Neal and Olajuwon for an ad effort.

Moreover, sources familiar with Shaq's ads say they were placed by IBM Corp.,but an executive for IBM agency Ogilvy & Mather Worldwide, New York, said thatwas rather doubtful. An IBM spokesman wasn't available at press time.

Mr. Olajuwon is under contract to Compaq Computer Corp., though a source saidCompaq didn't place the ad. Sports marketing insiders have speculated that theads could be teasing an upcoming one-on-one basketball match between the two,although the National Basketball Association has often quashed such for-profitevents in the past. Michael Jordan and Magic Johnson attempted to stage apay-per-view one-on-one match several years ago, but the NBA nixed it.

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