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"Good morning! Have you used your Pears' soap?" a 150-year-old advertising slogan, is back on the American scene again in 1949, along with the famous soap made by A.&F. Pears Ltd., a part of the Unilever empire.

Many remember the old slogan, "Apples make cider but Pears makes soap," and want it used again. Others ask for reprints of old ads.

More than 1,000 drugstores in New York sell the soap. Individual stores report sales as high as a gross and a half per week for the 50ยข soap. B. Altman's department stores report Pears outsells all other soaps except the chain's own private-label brand. Pears has probably been advertised longer than any other beauty soap in the world.

Pears advertising ideas once led to an Act of Parliament in the U.K. In the early 1880s, French 10-centime pieces were in great demand in the U.K. and accepted as the equivalent of English pennies. An executive saw an advertising opportunity and imported 250,000 of the coins, had them stamped with the word Pears and put them into circulation. Pears' pennies became so numerous a special

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