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Yes, Ted, the national anthem is unsingable. And old-fashioned. And it's about war. And shut up.

Cosmopolitan Publisher Donna Kalajian, just back from maternity leave (son Joey is a dozen weeks old and blooming), reports the September issue will run 201 ad pages (up 20% over September a year ago) and will be the biggest-ever single issue for revenue in Cosmo history. The first half closed up 15%, says Momma Donna, and let's hear it for Bonnie Fuller.

Michael Gross in New York does a harrowing account of the fall and rise again (perhaps) of a rock music agent so whacked out on drugs you wonder, as does the man himself, why he isn't dead.

Special issues are in the wind. Time says next spring it'll do one on "The Time 100," the century's hundred "most important" people. How do they define that? Who will they be? The editors are asking readers for nominations over time dot com.

Sesame Street Parents (the magazine) closed its biggest September issue ever (63 ad pages, up from 39 pages a year ago), says Publisher Nina Link.

Launched last November as an every-other-monthly, Bloomberg Personal goes monthly in September.

After 10 years of marketing such Disney hits as "The Little Mermaid" and "Pretty Woman," Diana Loomis is off to take on new challenges. Good woman.

Stop-press news: A fifth current or former Chicago alderman has been charged with corruption.

Terrific Jenny Conant piece in Vanity Fair on Steve Brill.

Former publisher of Inside Media Judson C. Green is the new VP-national sales for Network of Business Journals. She'll headquarter in N.Y. at 342 Madison.

Corine Cunningham is the new district ad manager (Atlanta-based) for Southern Accents. And don't you all forget it, hear?

Quest has been around for a time. But since Meigher Communications took it over, it's taken off. Quest prez Brette Popper reports through August display advertising is up 60% over the period last year.

Forbes Management Conference Group has a new VP-GM, Christopher Clark. He had been VP-sales director.

No summer doldrums at Tennis. They opened a San Francisco office headed by Ari Rosenberg and promoted Linda Ramsey to Detroit manager.

Robert L. Calandruccio is new marketing director for Family Handyman. And Brooks Bros. named Paul Andrew Gitter director of advertising and "loyalty marketing," whatever the hell that means.

Outside expects its 20th anniversary issue in October to be its biggest ever. Through July Scott Parmelee says ad pages are 19% ahead of the period in '96.

Steve Lincoln jumps ship. The Eastern ad manager of our sister Crain pub Business Insurance, joins the National Law Journal as ad director.

Eric Azimov doing delightful pieces for the metro section of The New York Times.

Suzanne Grimes' launch issue of Conde Nast Sports for Women (on sale Sept. 16) closed with more than 100 pages of advertising.

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