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This may be simplistic of me, but when a Pentagon think-tank admits how easy it is for hostile whackjobs to blow up U.S. high-rise barracks in the Middle East, did it ever occur to bring back the old Quonset Hut and stable the lads dispersed out in the boondocks near a good highway? A/C in the huts, of course. You don't want sweaty troops.

Is Andy Tobias the richest contributing editor in the magazine biz? Worth just hired a new investing editor, Leland Montgomery, and I'm sure he's a good one. But ol' Andy, who continues to be featured, is the fellow who came up with the best of those "how to invest" software programs and made a fortune on them. He's also a splendid writer (his bio of Charles Revson, "Fire & Ice," is a classic). Oh, yes, Worth isn't doing badly either, with the October issue up 40% in revenues over a year earlier and carrying 106 ad pages.

The Crain Coed Softball Team (lots of Ad Agers on the squad) beat Bloomberg 14-4 to win the New York All City Coed championship. Miguel Suarez of Ad Age was named MVP.

Richard D. (Mad Dog) Beckman, in a letter announcing ad rate increases effective the first of the year, says GQ's circulation rose 6% over the last five years and the monthly earned 10 National Magazine Award nominations in the last two. Almost makes paying higher rates a pleasure.

Now Forbes goes radio. Forbes and CBS Radio Networks cut a deal whereby Steve Forbes and others are on the air in daily 60-second reports. They've even got a sponsor, Texas Instruments Digital Light Processing.

This year's Mark Hellinger Awards from St. Bonaventure U. will be handed out during an Oct. 11 lunch at the Plaza in NY to Victor Navasky of The Nation, Judy Woodruff of CNN and Leslie Porter Easton of Adelphia Cablevision. A new PR award, named for murdered exec Tom Mosser, goes to Harold Burson.

Speaking of PR, that sprightly duo of Tami Gross and Jennifer Polansky report their recently signed clients include Redbook, Wired magazine, Country Living and Griffin Bacal ad agency.

I'm going to miss Joe Fuchs on Conde Nast's executive row. Joe retires to consultancy heaven Dec. 31. Which gives Michael Clinton a chance to show his stuff and clears the way for promotion to senior VP of Catherine Viscardi Johnston. Well done, all!

Mark Nov. 20 on your dance cards. That's when the Advertising Council holds its annual black-tie dinner at the Waldorf in Manhattan. This year's star, Ralph Larsen of Johnson & Johnson. Phil Guarascio of GM is in the chair and AT&T's Robert Allen is presenter.

It's official now, or will be in January, when Seventeen mag boosts its rate base to 2.2 million, a 10% increase. Credit newly minted Publisher Lori Burgess and her boss, Janice Grossman. Plus, natch, their dandy editor, Caroline Miller, who's been mentioned as a possible new editor for New York, also a K-III magazine.

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