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Would it be ignoble of me to hope that Dennis Rodman's book bombs?

It's beauty & fragrance advertising that fetch the big bucks on most fashion mags. Which may be why Mademoiselle hired as director of beauty advertising the very competent Sandra Jaffa.

Top photography director Stuart Block joined Periscope Marketing Communications, Minneapolis.

Drew Reid Kerr of Four Corners Communications, NY, tells me they just landed the PR account for American Express Publishing and their Travel & Leisure.

New honors for the great John Mack Carter. This time it's the 1996 Carr Van Anda Award from Ohio U.'s Scripps J School.

Barron's is out today with a special issue marking the weekly financial mag's 75th anniversary. The issue actually hit the stands Saturday, as per usual, so that investors have the weekend for strategic planning and the examining of entrails.

Andy Cooper and Ralph Katz, who'd both been with Burson-Marsteller, opened their own PR shop, CooperKatz & Co. at 708 Third Ave. in Manhattan.

Business Marketing Assn. announces this year's Ace Awards for excellence in biz-to-biz marketing Wednesday midday at the Grand Hyatt in Manhattan.

Remember when Entertainment Weekly was a disaster area? Mike Klingensmith tells me with first quarter figures out, they've broken into the top 20 of all mags in ad revenue. For the quarter they ranked fourth among all Time Inc. books.

Appellation, the Napa, Calif.-based mag about lifestyles in the wine country, has a new circulation director, J. Hughes Boisset. He's French-born and most recently was director of marketing for the deliciously named Veggie Life in San Francisco.

Classy work by radio's Don Imus. For many years Warner Wolf was the top sportscasting guy in NY over WCBS-TV. Recently he's worked in DC but is now on the beach. Imus has Warner doing remotes for Don's morning show.

Greg Coleman reports the June issue of Reader's Digest is their biggest ever in ad revenue (up 35% over the best previous issue) and 31% up in ad pages over June a year ago.

Also smiling, the Town & Country crew. Through May they're up 77 ad pages versus '95, or 27%.

Why photographers should take pix and not write books: "Battle Eye," a history of combat photography by Morton B. Moyes, is just out from Friedman/Fairfax Publishers. Page 82 has a photo by the great David Douglas Duncan of Life shot at the frozen Chosin Reservoir. Caption says it's from the "Pusan Perimeter," site of the previous summer's fighting.

Over lunch at Palio in Manhattan Michael Korda, looking fit, told me he's working on a non-fiction account for Random House of his early adventures in book publishing.

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