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Client: Nintendo
Brand: Pokemon
Title: "Faces"
Agency: Leo Burnett, Chicago

Remember those funny newspaper photo features about how people closely resemble their pets? Here's the Nintendo version of how people resemble their Pokemon characters.

He-Babe and the Slasher
Client: Activision
Brand: Tenchu: Wrath of Heaven
Title: "Become Invisible"
Agency: Colby & Partners, Santa Monica, Calif.
A transvestite, a duped male date and a throat slasher star in this commercial for a video game.

Toward the Light
Client: Nintendo
Brand: Game Boy Advance SP
Title: "Flower"
Agency: Leo Burnett
Much like the human gamesters at whom this ad is aimed, a flower is inexorably drawn toward the luminous screen of a beefed up Game Boy.

Cane in the Crotch
Client: For Eyes
Brand: Eyeglasses
Title: "Cane"
Agency: Tractenberg Advertising, New York
Angered by high prices, an irate granny puts some cane to the crotch of a snobby eyeglass salesman.

Sleeping With Sharon
Client: America Online
Brand: AOL Broadband
Title: "Sharon"
Agency: BBDO New York
No subtly here. Sex siren Sharon Stone gets it on in bed with the AOL logo symbol. "An amazing experience," she purrs. But was it good for the yellowman?

Banging the Bag
Client: Gatorade
Brand: Propel Fitness Water
Title: "Surfaces"
Agency: Element 79 Partners, Chicago
And exactly what does "fitness water" do? Well, at least in this spot, it allows athletes to materialize from splashes on the floor.

Cold Licks
Client: Terminix
Brand: Terminix
Title: "Ice House"
Agency: Stone Ward, Little Rock, Ark.
One way to rid your house of termites is to refrigerate all of its rooms to below freezing. But, as our heroine demonstrates, that can make for some awkward dinner moments.

Chasing Jeep-Papi
Client: DaimlerChrysler
Brand: Jeep
Title: "Chasing Papi"
Agency: Global Hue
Three lovlies race through this commercial to hype both a movie and a vehicle. Think of it as chasing Jeep-Papi.

Client: Mitsubishi
Brand: Endeavor
Title: "Lower Level"
Agency: Deutsch
Ground-floor fitness freaks stop to watch a new SUV -- that looks pretty much like every other SUV you've ever seen -- go by. Catchy sound track, though.

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