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At our own peril we risk losing perspective if we forget how intensely people-driven is the world of advertising and marketing. And yet we sometimes forget.

What, for example, came first: international awareness of professional basketball, or Michael Jordan? Did pro football as entertainment marketing precede or follow "Broadway Joe" Namath and then matinee idol Joe Montana?

In the world of media, did the notion of "New Journalism" pave the way for the notoriety of editor Clay S. Felker, or vice versa?

In any case, events of the past week or so reminded us of how seminally important people can be to mass movements-especially in the realm of marketing and communications, where a great idea or concept that is in turn powerfully articulated can still move mountains.

With the "people quotient" in the forefront of our mind, we give a tip of the old fedora here to several individuals who helped shape the course of recent history. (Now let's see, did widespread popularity of professional golf come before the rise of Arnold Palmer, or .....?)

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