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Pepsi-Cola Co. is riding the publicity wave that attended the 1975 signing of soccer superstar Pele by the New York Cosmos by airing Pepsi commercials featuring him in New York. Pele, who reportedly received $7 million during a three-year soccer contract, has appeared in Pepsi commercials in other countries. Spots featured the Pepsi theme, "Join the Pepsi people feelin' free."

In 1966 model Nell Theobald filed a $1 million damage suit, including Grey Advertising. She charged that, due to the defendants' negligence, she suffered injury when a lion with which she was posing for pictures at the International Automobile Show suddenly "attacked her, biting, clawing, shaking and dragging her across the floor."

In 1955 Procter & Gamble Co. slashed its network radio budget, cutting five daytime serial sponsorships. A P&G spokesman said funds freed by this cutback

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