Pepsi overtakes Coke in Czech retail market

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PRAGUE--Pepsi Cola-owned soft drink brands have over taken brands owned by the Coca-Cola Co. in the Czech consumer retail market, according to Amer Nielsen Research.

One year ago, Coca-Cola soft drink brands had a 10 point lead over its rival, but in April and May of this year, Pepsi controlled 29.1% of the market with the brands Pepsi, 7-up, Mirinda, Schweppes and Canada Dry. Coca-Cola controlled 25.9% with Coke, Fanta, Sprite, Lift and Kinley.

Under the flagship cola brands, Pepsi led with a 14.9% market share, including 5.4% for Pepsi Max and 1.9% for Pepsi Light versus 11.7% for Coke, including 2.9% for Coke Light. Due to strong restaurant distribution, total sales for Coke are still about 40% higher than for Pepsi.

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