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Pepsi-Cola Co. Tuesday in London unveiled a new international tagline and a new international advertising campaign to introduce its blue can design. Despite all the hype of a "radical change" in Pepsi's advertising, however, the strategy remains the same--targeting teen agers by using celebrities such as supermodels Cindy Crawford and Claudia Schiffer and tennis star Andre Agassi. But Larry McIntosh, VP-advertising, Pepsi-Cola International, noted, "We have two new celebrities (Ms. Schiffer and Mr. Agassi) who fit Pepsi's new image. In the past our celebrities were not as focused on teen agers." Past Pepsi endorsers include Michael Jackson and Madonna.

Pepsi says it's investing $500 million on advertising and marketing to transform Pepsi's "image and attitude" internationally. Although the new blue cans will be launched in the U.S., the new international campaign --with the tagline "Change the script"--will not run in the U.S. The campaign broke Tuesday, and Pepsi says it will be seen by 300 million people in more than 20 countries during the next few weeks. BBDO Worldwide is the agency.

The new advertising will not immediately launch in developing markets such as Latin America, where financial resources are limited. In those countries, Pepsi is using a comparative advertising campaign that features two chimpanzees in a jungle. The chimp that drinks Coca-Cola spends all his time with Tarzan, while the chimpanzee that drinks Pepsi ends up in bed with Jane.

Among Pepsi's planned promotions: Pepsi vows to "paint the town blue" using landmark boards and neon signs in key international locations such as London's Piccadilly Circus. Pepsi will also pitch the product in space. Space Marketing, Atlanta, said it has joined with the Russian Mir space program, International Space Enterprises and Entertainment Marketing & Communications International to center a Pepsi promotion around the Mir space station now in orbit. Pepsi painted one of France's supersonic Concorde planes blue and added a Pepsi logo. The Pepsi plane reportedly will not be able to fly at supersonic speed without the blue painting peeling off. And Pepsi will sponsor on July 6 the "Global Dance Connection," which it says is Europe's largest ever interactive dance party, with more than 1 million people expected to take part in televised events in Barcelona, Berlin and Amsterdam.

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