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Chiquita's relationship with W. B. Doner & Co. goes back more than two decades, with only one short separation in all those years. Over time, Doner has become our marketing partner and strategic-planning ally.

It's difficult to single out a single person from our account team for praise, but if I had to, I would commend Fred Toettcher, the agency's senior vp and marketing director. Fred has been on our account for many years, providing solid strategic thinking for brand positioning and imagery. His input has helped us make our creative strategy more precise and brand differentiated.

In the past several years, the agency has created breakthrough TV creative for our brand. For example, Doner helped us position Chiquita banana as "quite possibly the world's perfect food."

That has remained our brand positioning going forward. In two successive campaigns, we have strengthened and differentiated the message.

In August 1996, Chiquita launched a new campaign that was the result of a year's worth of intensive consumer research to identify what "feel better" meant to consumers and the key drivers that differentiate Chiquita bananas. The campaign is built around real people with a daily routine that includes eating a Chiquita banana.

In contrast to previous spots, these commercials open and close with Miss Chiquita (from our label) and include both live action and animation. We have combined the elements of real people, which consumers told us they like, with our key equity differentiators: the lady, the label and the jingle.

One thing I particularly value about Doner is its sense of ownership for our brand image. They treat Chiquita as if it were their own business, not a

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