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Salt Lake City

Humane Society

of Utah

Ron Stone, Creative Director

Steve Cardon, Art Director

Copywriters: John Kinkead,

Rebecca Bentley-Mila,

Bryan DeYoung

Photographer, Chip Simmons

Photographer, Ed Rosenburger

For a long time, offices of the Humane Society of Utah languished in a gloomy location near a freeway. But with a new facility, the society, with agency EvansGroup, decided it was time to revamp its advertising.

As luck would have it, photographer Chip Simmons showed up at a lecture on his art and displayed some photos of dogs. They captivated one member of the audience, Steve Cardon, EvansGroup art director, who later combined these shots with personals listings of each animal.

"We wanted to keep it light and funny," Mr. Cardon says of the ads, which appeared in donated space in Utah Holiday, Salt Lake City Magazine and Utah Business.

"I'd like to tell you that all their success is due to the campaign, but they have a much better location," says Mr. Cardon, who hasn't himself adopted, saying he doesn't have time to properly care for a pet. "I'm keeping my

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