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MEXICO CITY-A TV game designed to bring interactivity to Mexico has been stalled temporarily by the plunging peso.

The game, called "Teleganar," a Spanish play on the word ganar or "win," was designed for upstart network Television Azteca to boost poor ratings and pull in advertisers with inexpensive package deals. The game's startup, however, has been bumped back to Feb. 20 from an original January launch as advertisers hold back during the peso's devaluation.

To play Teleganar, viewers must buy a remote control device for just under $6, used to answer four multiple-choice questions broadcast in 12 different segments nightly on Azteca's two networks. The device beeps if all the questions were answered correctly, prompting the viewer to call an automatic computer center and transmit the information stored in the device over the telephone by pressing a button.

Among sponsors still planning to advertise around the game are retail chain Grupo Gigante, which will sell the Teleganar devices, toymaker Mattel Mexicana and distiller Casa Cuervo.

The game is a much-needed hook for advertisers on Azteca, a two-network broadcaster privatized in 1993. But despite Azteca's bargain-rate three-month packages to sponsor the two-minute game segments, sponsors have been holding back.

The game will be broadcast six times nightly on Azteca Channels 7 and 13 between 4 and 10 p.m. The times will vary to keep players and viewers tuned to Azteca.

The network is also offering up to 150 minutes of ad time during their sponsorship of the Teleganar promotion and yet another 150 minutes after their buy expires.

The most complete package costs about $1.5 million, offering 364 minutes in the game and an additional 300 minutes of ad time, a 77% discount from Azteca's published rates.

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