Photo Journey Through a Lee Clow Day

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Photography by Stephanie Diani
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Spending the day with Lee Clow, three things become abundantly clear. He likes yellow. He's crazy about surfing. And he still loves his job.
"The least effective role I would have would be to visit every office to talk to the creative department -- that's bullshit. I lead by example, by still being part of it, championing creative and helping. I try to change rules here, set high benchmarks for the rest of the network to reach."
"'1984' was huge and a special moment in time. But my favorite campaign was 'Think Different' because it was more emotional and marked the time Steve (Jobs) returned to Apple and the company made its comeback."
"Sixty was a little traumatic. I got myself a 10-foot surf board from Hap Jacobs who is 75 and still making them. He signed it for 'Lee at 60,' but soon after I got it, I had shoulder surgery and didn't take it out for a year and a half. Every summer when the water gets warm, I go out a half dozen times. I have a responsibility to paddle out every year. To myself."
"Advertising gives uncommon opportunities to people without Ivy League connections."
"Very often, we are more ambitious than the client. Enlightened top management gets the best ads."
"I think branded content is kind of bullshit the way it's been approached: 'Find me a client with some money and we'll take his brand and stick it into some kind of piece of media and charge him a lot of money.' I think you can actually create programming ideas around the essence of brands. We're trying to create a movie for Pedigree right now, the American Dog. ... We're creating MLS films for Adidas, who basically sponsors Major League Soccer in the U.S. We're going to try to give a voice to Major League Soccer in this country that helps it become more successful and more popular. That's much more the way branded content should work than some of these bogus talent agents in Hollywood trying to pitch 'Give me all your money and we'll go write you a TV show.'"
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