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To the editor:

As a copywriter who has worked in Philadelphia, I agree with Steve Grasse's comment (Creativity, September 1994) that everyone "pretty much creatively sucks" in that city. I only hope that Grasse knows he's part of that group. Ca-ca is still ca-ca, whether it's wrapped in Mad Ave production values or Gen-X values. The only thing Gyro is reinventing is turd polishing.

Is any of the Gyro art direction fresh? No, it's trite, trite, trite. And the copywriting seems to suffer from one too many LSD trips. Gyro's ideas suffer from being hip, and, as Wynton Marsalis says, being hip is suffering from a very limited range of emotion. Gyro's work assumes that Generation X responds only to one attitude-arrogance. How narrow. Generation X is the most diverse, intelligent, cynical and realistic of groups. So why not talk to them in those different ways?

Now, I'll agree that there's nothing wrong with trying to talk to Generation X arrogantly, but do it in a way that empowers them or relates to them, not in a "let's show everyone how hip we are" way. Sorry, Steve, but if you think such "looks like Gyro" ads will build your agency, you're going down the wrong toilet.

Gyro, please stay in Philadelphia with the rest of the crap.

Blake Taylor


It's Alive Advertising

Lake Hopatcong, N.J.

Steve Grasse replies: Yet another disgruntled, frustrated and jealous Philly creative person pissed off that life is passing him by. (See, we weren't exaggerating.) Sincerely, chief turd polisher.

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